I need help and cannot visualize.  I’ve been in my house for over 6 months and have tried to do it on my own, but can’t pull it together. Where do we start?

We begin with a house analysis.  You and I will literally walk thru every room of your home and discuss each space for form, function and goals.  Applying the key elements of design, I will make suggestions for your design challenges.  Everything is recorded, compiled and emailed to you.  From this we will define our “task list“based on time and budget.

How can I be certain that my own taste and style will not be ignored by the interior designer?

This is a common concern among a lot of clients especially if they have never worked with a designer.  Your home should reflect you!  That is why we work together as a team setting the goals.  At the initial meeting, I ask clients to provide me with pictures from home magazines of rooms and spaces that make them fell happy and calm.  We discuss the elements in the chosen photos of rooms.  There are always common elements that appear that will designate the clients taste and style…even if he or she does not know it!

My partner / children / Aunt Mary wants to be a part of the design process.  How does that work?

An intuitive interior designer will recognize and question the need for involvement of the rest of the members of the family.  Every family is different.  Who makes the decisions and who holds the purse strings are all questions that need to be discussed.  The key is plenty of communication.

What if I am not ready to do the entire house now?

Many of my clients have been with me for years.  By having a plan, we implement portions as the budget and time allows.  I have some clients who want everything finished within a year and others who will start with just the kitchen or just the family room.  Many clients want to start with the public spaces where the family spends the most time.  For some reason, the master bedroom is always last on clients’ list.  When there are small children, parents should put it first on the list for a little R & R time!

What questions should I ask re the qualifications of a designer?

A professional interior designer is registered by the state of Texas board of Architectural Examiners and is required to complete eight hours of continuing education programs per year to maintain that standing.  I am also very much involved with the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of American Society of Interior Designers.  After serving on the Board for several years, I have recently been elected to serve as president of that chapter for 2008-2009.  Our chapter not only promotes professionalism for designers and industry partners, but we also provide educational programs for our members and the public.  Community involvement includes fund raisers for Habitat for Humanity and other charities in the Houston area.

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